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As a first time author, my experience with Tellwell was virtually pain-free. It was a wonderful experience and I highly recommned this company to anyone who has a manuscript.

Work with Tellwell's talented publishing team to design, edit, distribute and market your book.  Focus on writing, we'll do the rest.

100% RoyaltiesTellwell combines the strengths of each distribution channel, creating the best distribution deal in the industry. 

Consultative Approach: We guide you through the book publishing process in an informative and thoughtful way. 

Transparency: You'll know the professionals working on your book, from designer to illustrator to project manager to marketing consultant. 

Complete Control: Authors have the final say on every decision from cover design, to editing, to pricing.

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Book availability to 39,000 booksellers including Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Hardcover, paperback and e-book formatting. 

To get the highest quality, we provide a team to support you through editing, design, distribution and marketing.

 We understand the publishing process may be new to you. Our team thoughtfully guides you through each step of the journey.

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Our talented designers create a beautiful, customized cover design and format the interior layout of your book to meet various distribution requirements. 

Tellwell offers copy editing to catch errors as well as more comprehensive content editing to improve the structure and quality of your book. 

From an author website, to media outreach, to social media marketing and book reviews, our book marketing consultants will develop a strategy to suit your needs. 

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Lucy Hebert
Author - Little Lucie

Terry Winker
Ella's Love

Author Testimonials

The two things I most appreciated about Tellwell were the  editing service and my Customer Support / Project Manager. The editor assigned to me was perfect. He had marvelous command of the written word, great editing skills and was attuned to what I what we were writing on somewhat complex subject matter.  My  Customer Support / Project Manager was always there to help me with both technical and administrative difficulties. He was fantastic.

I recommend Tellwell for those who are wanting to self-publish.  My project manager was beyond amazing with great time punctuation and kindness that was unmatchable. With the added bonus of great patience and the understanding on delivering what the author is asking for.  Even other departments within Tellwell Publishing have exceptional service and quality you want in a team that is working for you! Overall, Tellwell Publishing checked all my boxes for what I was expecting and a little bit more! 

As a new publisher I was lost and confused as to the whole process of getting my book published. I got all my questions answered in terms that I could understand. When I had questions or issues they were handled immediately and I always get excellent results. My Tellwell experience was amazing and I would tell anyone who is thinking about or writing a book that they couldn't do any better than Tellwell. I am currently writing a second book and I will be using Tellwell services again. Great job everyone.

Chelee Cromwell

Peter Desrochers


Vicki Beames
Into the Light

I have worked with Tellwell since 2018, publishing with them 18 books. I highly commend their project managers, book cover designers, and book interior designers. I have found them to be highly professional, dedicated, courteous, and diligent in every aspect of their work. 

Tellwell was recommended to me by a good friend who authored a children's book. She led me to Tellwell, and told me how easy the process of getting her work published was for her. Not only was I sold, I experienced the same thing. My project manager and marketing manager were both EXTREMELY helpful, and made sure I was informed of my book's progress to distribution every step of the way.

Your professionalism and support has been fantastic and I really felt heard and supported at every stage along the process of producing my first book. The videos and phone calls were helpful and explanatory which was important because I was stepping into a world unknown to me. Thank you.

Mark Teague
The Conquering Dreamer

Alain L. Fymat
Memory, Nanomedicine, and more