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As a first time author, my experience with Tellwell was virtually pain-free. It was a wonderful experience and I highly recommned this company to anyone who has a manuscript.

We love connecting with people, companies, and organizations working in the writing, publishing or related spaces. Here are just a few ways to engage with our team:

Webinars & Workshops. We can do topics like publishing history, pros & cons of different options, and any stage of publishing: writing, editing, design, distribution, pricing and meta data, and marketing.

Speakers & Media interviews: Need an expert to talk about the self-publishing industry, the process, or advice at any stage of publishing? 

Guest articles: We write all the time and can share knowledge in written form, for your blog, newsletter, or publication.

Partners, Referrals & Member Benefits: Under our Ambassador program, you can share our free educational resources, give up to 10% in savings to authors you know, and earn rewards.  

SponsorshipsWe support writing organizations and publishing projects with a special purpose through in-kind donations or paid sponsorships.

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Book availability to 39,000 booksellers including Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Hardcover, paperback and e-book formatting. 

To get the highest quality, we provide a team to support you through editing, design, distribution and marketing.

 We understand the publishing process may be new to you. Our team thoughtfully guides you through each step of the journey.

Design & Layout



Our talented designers create a beautiful, customized cover design and format the interior layout of your book to meet various distribution requirements. 

Tellwell offers copy editing to catch errors as well as more comprehensive content editing to improve the structure and quality of your book. 

From an author website, to media outreach, to social media marketing and book reviews, our book marketing consultants will develop a strategy to suit your needs. 

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Lucy Hebert
Author - Little Lucie

Mirian Sansalone
Purpose High

Author Testimonials

I decided to focus on the book and let Tellwell take care of the labyrinth of details. The process was near seamless, the results professional, and the service courteous and prompt. I highly recommend Tellwell!

Finding Tellwell was like magic. They were the only publisher that met my needs. The initial pricing was fair and responsible. Every promise was kept and I could not believe what an incredible job they did on the cover!

If asked to describe Tellwell in one word, I would say integrity. Tellwell champions the aspirations of an author to succeed. When it comes to fairness, transparency, excellence and yes an abundance of talent in publishing, Tellwell wrote the book.

Susan Jennings
The Blue Pendant

Lisa Warden
Diplomat, Dissident, Spook