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Have a manuscript or book idea and need help getting it published?

As a first time author, my experience with Tellwell was virtually pain-free. It was a wonderful experience and I highly recommned this company to anyone who has a manuscript.

Calling all Indigenous authors! Do you have a book in you and just need some help from a committed publishing team to make your  book available to the world? We are looking to publish one or two books by Indigenous authors. The publishing costs will be covered by Tellwell.

What does the grant cover?  The grant will cover costs of publishing (via 'in-kind services') such as writing coaching, editing, design, distribution and marketing. 

What types of book qualify? Any genre of book can qualify, including children's books, fiction or nonfiction, single-author or multi-author books. 

What counts as 'Indigenous'? We welcome submissions from people with indigenous backgrounds including members of any First Nations, Metis or Inuit. 

What criteria will you use in picking which projects to fund? We are looking for interesting and purposeful projects by passionate individuals with the potential to have an impact. Why is your project important to you? Who is the intended reader for your book and how might it impact them? Let us know in your application!

What stage does my book idea need to be at? Your book can be in the idea stage or you may already have a partially completed manuscript or a finished draft. If your book is still an idea, we can assign a writing coach to help you finish!

We Can Help You Write, Publish & Promote Your Book!

Writing support

Publishing Guidance

Full-service Team

We offer a writing coaching to assist you from rough idea to completed manuscript. From there you can choose one of several publishing paths.

To get the highest quality, we provide a team to support you through writing, editing, design, distribution and marketing.

 We understand the publishing process may be new to you. Our team thoughtfully guides you through each step of the journey.

Design & Layout


Distribution & Marketing

Our talented designers create a beautiful, customized cover design and format the interior layout of your book to meet various distribution requirements.  We can illustrate kids books too!

Tellwell offers copy editing to catch errors as well as more comprehensive content editing to improve the structure and quality of your book. 

From print-on-demand to ebooks and from author website, to media outreach, to social media marketing and book reviews, our experts help get it done! 

Apply for Tellwell's Indigenous Voices grant today!

Tell us about you and your project idea. Shortlisted projects will be contacted in summer 2024.

Apply here by July 31st 2024!

Lucy Hebert
Author - Little Lucie